About Us

Clan Westbury is Craig Westbury, Cheryl Westbury (nee Brown), Hamish Westbury and Amethyst Westbury (we like to call her Amy).
Oh, and I had better not forget the four legged, fluffy, family members, our Belgian Shepherds, Misty and Zeus.

We live in Warradale, South Australia (a suburb of the capital city, Adelaide). It is a great area to live in as we are only 15 km from the city, right near a train line, and only a few minutes away from a great beach.
Family History

We don't know much about the history of Westbury, but we are keen to find out. If you have a great source of family history, please let us know.

Craig is part of the Paterson family, who have produced a great book detailing the descendants of Walter Paterson, “From Marnock Scotland to South Australia”. Contact us if you would like to find out more.
We have great facilities near by (shopping centre, schools etc.), we may even have a world class swimming pool in our neighbourhood one day soon (maybe?).

If you would like to catch up with us, you can find Cheryl on Facebook, or Craig on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. We don't let Hamish and Amy on any social networking sites yet, but they love to get e-mail, send to our name at